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Winter came

Don't touch your reflection
It isn't a mirror
White, cold and crushing,
Winter claims its hero
He comes from the forest
Dark and forgotten
His gaze is frosting
Forget the mild autumn
Winter came

Please, don't be frightened
I'm here to protect you
We'll conquer the giant
Your smile is my lantern
My shield and sword are forged
In hot orange fire
So I'll be on the watch
My sword's edge is fine
Winter came


The giant steps, steps
The guardian waits, waits

Don't touch your reflection
The ice can steal souls
The ravens are waiting
Their feathering glows
Battle is beginning
Winter spreads its beauty
No time for the feelings
Neither past nor future
Winter's gone...

что-то перечитала, и прямо Мартин какой-то :(