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Hello, congratulations with your great win
But we saw that it was a hard task to begin
During some first laps you were rather slow
Were you disappointed?
- Well, no

Your first pit-stop, though, was very fast
So it gave you some places when you were nearly last
After the second pit-stop you reached the second place
Did you believe you would win?
- Well, yes

You teammate was angry, you know, he said
That he slipped on a track and was nearly dead
It was raining cats and dogs, it was a difficult race
Did the wet track help you to win?
- Well, yes

Recently your engines weren't that good
The new teamboss came, it can be understood
But there are four races to go
Do you think you'll miss the title?
- Well, no

You know, interviewing people is not that fun
You have to ask all you need when they have no time
You are pulling the their words days after days...
They kill you by their short answers, oh yes!