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Jun. 27th, 2010

My candle light
My drop of day
Conquers the night
And wants to play.
It plays with me,
My tiny sun
It makes believe
That you will come.
My angel in the night,
Unconquerable knight
Your wings are snow-white
Don't take away my light,
My candle light.

Wax is so hot.
It makes me calm,
I touch its tears,
The drops of sun.
I touch the fire,
I dream and smile
To you
My angel in the night.
Come here to admire my light
My candle light.

My candle light
Burns memories.
And I can fly
Away and kiss
My angel in the night...

в раннем творчестве Джеймса, насколько я помню, присутствовали более романтические и спокойные песни, одну из которых, в частности, он пел Эмилии а-капелла, когда делал ей второй раз предложение. Вуаля, в общем.